Milton Bradley
Encourage people to participate in a shared, developing and cooperative community.

The Old Milton Bradley

The Milton Bradley Company was an American board game manufacturer established by Milton Bradley in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1860. Milton Bradley was taken over by Hasbro, Inc., in 1984. Milton Bradley develops and sells over 200 games and puzzles for both children and adults. Many of its best-known products are board, strategy, and word games that have endured over many decades. Other Milton Bradley famous games include the Battleship, Yahtzee, Candy Land and Twister. In the 1960s’ commercials, Milton Bradley’s slogan was “Milton Bradley makes the best games in the world”. In the 1980s’ commercials, their slogan was “Milton Bradley makes the games kids love the best.”

What We Did?

Focus on an educational approach, simple concepts and inspirational, intelligent board games.

Why We Did It?

In order to encourage all generations to compete in a spirit of friendly competition. Also, Milton Bradley always motivates children to be creative and innovative.

Who We Did It For?

For children who are over 5 years old and their families
or friends.

Our Highlight Moments


Milton Bradley opens a lithography business in Springfield. When the business begins struggling, Bradley produces a game he invented called “The Checkered Game of Life.”


The Milton Bradley Company took a new direction in 1869 after Milton Bradley went to hear a lecture about the kindergarten movement by early education pioneer.


Hasbro, a company with a 40-year history in the toy industry, was looking to grow through acquisitions; Milton Bradley was an ideal match. Hasbro acquired the firm for $360 million in May 1984.


Milton Bradley begins a new future and new approach.

Our New Approch

Milton Bradley Co-Community List

Milton Bradley Co-Community Chart

Milton Bradley co-community breakdown:

1) Milton Bradley Institute.                        2) Milton Bradley Youth. 

3) Milton Bradley Community.                  4) Milton Bradley Media & PR.

Milton Bradley Institute

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Collaboration Talks

Teamwork Training Center

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Youth Cooperative Camp

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[ MB_07 ]

Youth Group Science Fair

Milton Bradley Youth

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[ MB_14 ]

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[ MB_17 ]

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[ MB_18 ]

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Skill Exchanging Event

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Open Education Sources

Entrepreneurship Group

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[ MB_08 ]

Get-together Adventure 

Milton Bradley Community

We-Together Community Center

We-Growing Event

We-Go Party

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[ MB_12 ]

Co-Sports Club

Milton Bradley Media & PR

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Co-Workers Meetup


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Cooperative Solution Cards

A Series of TV Show: Teamwork Challenging

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[ MB_13 ]

WeThink Community

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A Series of Books: From Cooperation to Success 

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